We help students gain the confidence necessary to feel in control of their future.

Through a curriculum-based program that focuses on cognitive, expressive, and physical agility, we get students back into a more forward position, one in which they are better able to tolerate risk, can welcome change, and are focused on growth-oriented decision-making.


Ascent Decisions, transforming student behaviors and getting “back on track.”

Ascent Decisions is best defined as multidisciplinary coaching, consulting, and education model. It is designed for individuals who traditionally made decisions towards growth, and for one reason or another, now seem more inclined to make decisions out of fear. These individuals feel stuck, directionless, on the defensive, and have significant difficultly making decisions. Ascent Decisions programming is based on empirically tested proven methods to help clients regain a sense of cognitive, physical, and emotional agility.


"The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists."

- Japanese Proverb

Research conducted by Ascent Decisions faculty shows that in comparison to students who permanently dropout, those who ultimately return to college report a greater sense of agility.

Fact 1: The U.S. has the highest college dropout rate in the industrial world. Of the two million students who started college this fall, only half will leave college with a diploma.

Fact 2: Approximately 40% of students who pause their studies will do so within their first year of college. Another 40% will pause their studies by the end of their Sophomore year.

Fact 3: The vast majority of students who pause their studies report that it was the failure to balance the pressures of academic, social, athletic, and/or extracurricular expectations which ultimately led to their withdrawal from college.

Fact 4: Higher agility is associated with a better work/life balance, an easier time making friends at college, feeling more ready when leaving for college, and the belief that earning a degree is important.

Multidisciplinary team experience in the private and public education sectors.

Assent Decisions employs a group of behavioral and physical health professionals, rehabilitation specialists, university professors, instructors, educators, and other trained professionals.


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