We understand how, where and why students lose track.

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Ascent Decisions programming enhances cognitive, expressive, and physical agility to promote greater self-agency.

The purpose of our curriculum is to help students who needed to pause their studies get “back on track.”

Cognitive Agility

The foundation of cognitive agility is being attentive and sensitive to the current moment – and then responding swiftly and mindfully to any immediate demands with purposeful intention.

When we begin to feel a loss of control, or feel that we may be losing the ability to direct our lives, our thinking tends to become more rigid, dichotomous, and very black-and-white. This results in a negative transition from a growth-oriented mindset to a fear-based one.


Physical Agility

The foundation of physical agility is a sense of stability and balance, and our ability to accelerate, slow down or change direction in response to a goal-relevant cue.

Because the mind-body connection is intertwined, our physical ability to navigate a change in course becomes hindered when we feel physically or cognitively unsteady and unbalanced. The opposite of stress is not relaxation, but rather control.


Expressive Agility

The human experience is complex and involves a vast array of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Expressive agility is the ability to take responsibility for our feelings and behaviors, and to swiftly utilize alternatives to improve outcomes no matter how confining our predicament seems to be. At the foundation of expressive agility is assertive communication, the clear expression of one’s truth and the acceptance of another’s.


We help college students make changes to lead a more productive,
healthier, and successful and scholastic experience.


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